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Pic of full bloom Cherry Blossoms at night, at Chiyoda, Tokyo. After I got back from Japan, got a bad flu, called in sick couple of days at work, finally getting better, sadly towards the end of my Japan Vacation my mom ended up in the Hospital getting treated for her Cancer. At this moment she is being positive and may be released from the hospital soon.

(James Q. Berry) Japan 2015 Cherry Blossoms https://jberry.co/blog/2015/4/updates-coming-soon Fri, 10 Apr 2015 12:38:34 GMT
Getting ready to leave to Japan! https://jberry.co/blog/2015/3/getting-ready-to-leave-to-japan Gonna head over to Osaka first with my fiancé, main reason is Universal Studios Japan :D Then head over to Tokyo for the rest of the week. Been loving the Leica M 240, also been nailing a lot of good shots. I would have to say that the files from the M 240 is better than my Nikon D4 image files. Here are some shots taken with the M 240 over the last couple of days. Will post soon from Japan!!


Leica M 240 with Voigtlander 50 1.5 ASPH, wide open, beautiful bokeh. Straight Out Of Camera.


Taken at T*Galleria Guam (formerly known as DFS). Leica M 240 with Voigtlander 50 1.5, wide open. Slightly edited for White Balance. 

(James Q. Berry) Chrome Guam Leica Leica Guam Leica M 240 Nokton 50 1.5 Voigtlander https://jberry.co/blog/2015/3/getting-ready-to-leave-to-japan Fri, 27 Mar 2015 13:20:14 GMT
Unboxing Video of my new Leica M 240 is up!! https://jberry.co/blog/2015/3/unboxing-video-is-up Been a super busy week, really drained while I type this, but wanted to make a quick blog post of the unboxing video that Godfrey (www.gspix.co) and I did, Enjoy!!


(James Q. Berry) Chrome Leica Leica Guam Leica M 240 Nokton 50 1.5 Voigtlander https://jberry.co/blog/2015/3/unboxing-video-is-up Tue, 24 Mar 2015 12:12:36 GMT
Leica M 240 Has Arrived on Guam!! :) https://jberry.co/blog/2015/3/leica-m-240-has-arrived-on-guam It was a very busy day for me!! Need to use this camera more to write my personal opinion about it and comparisons with the M8.2 :) For now, here is a pic that was taken with my iPhone 6, already mounted on the M 240 is the CV 50 1.5 in chrome, and next to it is the CV 35 1.2, the strap is from Artisan & Artist, it was on sale at pop flash for $65 :)

(James Q. Berry) Guam Leica Leica Guam Leica M 240 M8.2 Nokton 35 1.2 Nokton 50 1.5 Voigtlander https://jberry.co/blog/2015/3/leica-m-240-has-arrived-on-guam Thu, 19 Mar 2015 13:30:05 GMT
M 240 left Hawaii and is on its way to Guam! https://jberry.co/blog/2015/3/m-240-left-hawaii-and-is-on-its-way-to-guam USPS Express Mail tracking shows that my new Leica M 240 Chrome will be arriving tomorrow, since it already left Hawaii earlier today Guam time.  I have been using my old M8.2, which I sold to Jun 3 years ago, but he was nice enough to lend it back to me while I sell al my Nikon gear, during my transition of newer gear, something I really need since I NEED a camera everyday for shooting pictures for my school events, assemblies, pep rallies, that sort of thing.

I started to realize how much fun I had been missing with the rangefinder system :) Its very easy to focus and even without a zoom, I am able to nail the shots that I have been getting with my 24-70, its even rare that I take wide 24mm shots of school events. Only thing with the Leica M8.2 is I can not go over ISO 640, or there will be a loss in Image Quality, at base ISO 160, its super clean!! 

Excited to wake up early tomorrow to check the tracking :) if its here tomorrow, then expect an unboxing video to be uploaded soon on YouTube! Goodnight!




(James Q. Berry) Chrome Guam Leica Leica Guam Leica M 240 Leica M240 M8.2 https://jberry.co/blog/2015/3/m-240-left-hawaii-and-is-on-its-way-to-guam Wed, 18 Mar 2015 13:07:55 GMT
Eagerly awaiting Leica M240 (Chrome) https://jberry.co/blog/2015/3/eagerly-awaiting-leica-m240-chrome Just got word from Ted (seller), that my new Leica M 240 is at a San Jose UPS facility. Ted said he will personally pick up the M 240 at the UPS facility on Monday, test it throughly and ship it to me. The Leica M 240 I am purchasing from Ted just came back from Leica New Jersey where it got a clean bill of health, everything was cleaned and calibrated, and some parts were even replaced to newer versions that Leica had. So in a sense I am getting a brand new Leica M 240, below are pictures that Ted sent me.


(James Q. Berry) Guam Leica Leica Guam M 240 https://jberry.co/blog/2015/3/eagerly-awaiting-leica-m240-chrome Sun, 15 Mar 2015 00:21:59 GMT
Little adventure on our PhotoShoot yesterday! https://jberry.co/blog/2015/1/little-adventure-on-our-photoshoot-yesterday Check out our BTS video of Jerlaine yesterday, and watch towards the end for some adventure in the rain lol. Video is edited by my buddy Godfrey, his portofolio can be found here: gspix.co





(James Q. Berry) Fashion Guam Guam Model Guam Photoshoot Photoshoot Sexy https://jberry.co/blog/2015/1/little-adventure-on-our-photoshoot-yesterday Sun, 04 Jan 2015 13:00:03 GMT